Helmets may be few but must be good. With the same amount of money, choosing to buy cheap items, you can buy a lot of things but the experience is not good, causing discomfort, a few months of leaving it will cost a lot of money. Not to mention, helmets are related to protecting the human brain, so using floating items will affect the safety of yourself and your family.
An Tran Helmets ensures that all business goods are genuine products and manufactured according to Vietnam Quality Standards for helmets. Any problem with the product is guaranteed to be handled quickly by the customer, never saying no to the customer.
When buying a helmet, you want to choose for yourself a hat that is not only a safety product when participating in traffic but also a fashion accessory that affirms your own style. However, in some unfortunate cases for some reason, the product is defective or you are still considering buying An Tran Helmets product but the warranty policy is unknown.
You need to find out the warranty policies at An Tran Helmets to receive the best benefits such as return, timely support, etc., when unfortunately encountering problems.
1. Product warranty regulations
1.1 Warranty conditions
- The product has a 24-MONTH WARRANTY from the date of shipment (printed on the hat label), no warranty card required.
- The product must still have all the manufacturer's certification labels.
- No warranty for products damaged by chemicals, scratches, or human factors.
1.2 Return & refund policy
When you want to change any helmet product or return a defective/damaged product, An Tran Helmets always has support and product return policy:
Guaranteed 7 days to exchange/return products from the date of purchase. Please note, purchased products still have original tags, seals and have not been used.
In case you purchase through An Tran Helmets' website/hotline, please provide information about NAME + PHONE NUMBER + PURCHASE DATE on An Tran Helmets fanpage. Based on the information provided, An Tran Helmets will activate the warranty policy for you.
Product support and return policies will help your product exchange process be legalized and take place faster. Please see more details of Return & Refund Policy at the link: https://antranhelmet.com.vn/thong-tin/chinh-sach-doi-tra-va-hoan-tien/
2. Address to receive product warranty
When customers have a product warranty request, please contact An Tran Helmets Customer Support Center in the following ways:
- Contact AN TRAN HELMETS OFFICE (An Tran Production Investment Company Limited)
Address: Lot B8/II – B9/II, Road No. 2A, Vinh Loc Industrial Park, Binh Hung Hoa B Ward, Binh Tan District, City. HCM
Phone: (028) 6265 7489
- Call HOTLINE 1900 9232 to meet Customer Care
- Message via Zalo OA An Tran Helmet at phone number 0932 133 435 or link zalo.me/1524551751042265625 for best support.
- Send a message via Fanpage An Tran Helmets – Genuine helmet at: https://www.facebook.com/ath.nonbaohiemchinhhang
- In case you cannot contact us by phone or text message, you can send an email to: info@antranhelmet.com.vn